Payments Platform


Your Access to the World of Payments

TOT Platfrom is a perfect solution for reliable and efficient processing of all payment procedures: this platform permits the complete outsourcing of payment and risk management systems. TOT Platform not only fulfils the demand for flexible and globally-deployable technology. It is also always state-of-the-art and fulfils your high availability and security standards.

Platform Modules

  • Multi-channel Platform - enables e-commerce, m-commerce and mobile point of sale transactions.
  • Transaction Processing - offers flexibility in routing payments for financial institution and its merchants.
  • Payments Page - fully PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant hosted page offering multiple payment methods.
  • Mobile Payment Solutions - new mobile payment solutions easily accessible for everyone.
  • Merchant Onboarding - for boarding merchants and record time with an automated on-boarding process.

Reports and Analytics


Business Intelligence

Analysing and reporting data is fundamental to control risk and drive your business according to your strategy. The TOT Platform eliminates the need for an extensive customer support console by initiating common support functions directly from within the Dashboard.


  • Optimise your business - easily identify opportunities to improve your profitability
  • Reduce risks and prevent losses by having full visibility into what is going on
  • Monitor transactions in real-time - find out what your merchants are doing
  • Analyse acceptance rates, chargeback rates and reasons; solve problems immediately
  • Use long-term analyses to recognise trends and improve planning and strategy
  • Export any and all data as needed
  • Merchants see what is happening in their channels
  • TOT Platform's flexible set of tools covers all of your and your merchant's current and future analysis needs

Risk Management System


Optimise Profits Through Advanced Risk Management

TOT Platform's Risk Management System includes more than 120 risk checks to strongly protect your business and that of your merchants against fraud and chargebacks. We provide you with all the security tools the industry offers.

The challenge in risk management is to keep the fraud out while letting the good customers in. To achieve this goal, a fixed set of basic risk checks just does not cut it anymore.

To avoid leaving money on the table, you need a wide selection of best-of-breed tools to choose from and adapt to your merchant’s needs. TOT Platform offers the largest range of risk management tools on the market. It can be easily mixed and matched to fulfil the needs of your clients in all industries. TOT Platform offers: 

  • A complete data validation
  • All expected basic risk checks
  • A wide selection of intelligent risk checks
  • A large number of third-party risk checks and database providers that are integrated with TOT Platform
  • A complete set of credit assessment tools, such as 3-D Secure, AVS, CVV, etc.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of transaction patterns
  • Extensive manual review functionalities
  • Effective risk scoring


  • Mimimise chargeback fees, fraudulent and unauthorised transactions
  • Increase conversion rate rather than refusing good business
  • Customise filter settings according to your business needs
  • Increase reputation through minimising fraud
  • Easy to use - no special technical needs

Payment Gateway


Easy Access to Global Processing

TOT Gateway is a payment routing gateway, which enables global payment processing for payment providers such as PSPs, acquirers and scheme operators via one single interface. TOT Gateway allows payments to be processed with traditional as well as alternative payment methods and with real and virtual currencies. More than 250 payment providers are linked to TOT Gateway. This makes TOT Gateway more than a global payment routing gateway: It is the biggest global network, growing each week by a further payment provider.

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