Mobile Commerce


Enabling Acceptance on Mobile Devices

Today, smart phones provide users with an ever-expanding set of features and capabilities including music, gaming, digital imaging, global positioning systems, social networking, Internet browsing, email, and text messaging, just to name a few. Smart phones are widely expected to have a significant impact on the electronic payment industry because they fill an immediate and strong need to move everyday transactions from cumbersome cash to cards and other forms of electronic payments. Doing so satisfies the payment needs of both consumers and micro-merchants. 

There are four primary types of mobile payments

  • Mobile proximity payments, such as those enabled by MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave and Discover zip use the mobile device as an alternative for the card. These payments are usually referred to as Near Field Communication ("NFC") payments.
  • Mobile web payments use the browser or application capabilities of the mobile device to conduct a card-not-present transaction (sometimes referred to as “mobile commerce” or “mCommerce”). 
  • Mobile remote payments use the consumer’s mobile device to initiate a transaction with a merchant who does not have the ability to process physical payment card transactions. 
  • Mobile Point of Sale ("mPOS") allows a mobile device to be used as a merchant point-of-sale terminal. 

Mobile POS


Boost Sales with Mobile Point of Sale ("mPOS") Acceptance

Small businesses and retailers that have never accepted card payments and previously operated on a cash- and invoice-only basis are turning to mPOS solutions to expand their customer base and sales. Existing retailers are also adopting mPOS solutions to enhance the retail and payment experience. TOT Mobile has introduced the Mobile POS to promote simple and secure transactions when consumers use their debit, credit and prepaid cards to pay merchants that use these devices.

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Mobile Card Reader


Accept Payment Anywhere

TOT Mobile gives you the ability to accept payments anywhere you go using your smartphone or tablet. The app works with most Apple® and Android® mobile devices. You can easily key-enter payment information or choose to add a secure card reader to accept swiped transactions. Customers simply sign the screen and an electronic receipt is emailed to them.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Supports anywhere-anytime processing for mobile environments including card-swiped or key-entered
  • Accomodates an unlimited number of mobile devices to support businesses of any size
  • Electronically capture cardholder signatures at the time of sale on all supported Apple and Android mobile devices

Simple and Secure

  • Security - In addition to encrypting card data at the time of swipe, all payment information is immediately sent to and stored in TOT Mobile's secure, hosted environment to ensure security of cardholder data and to provide added protection for you and your customers. 
  • Connectivity - Works with an array of mobile device types, to ensure freedom of choice. A selection of flexible card readers support swiped transactions through all supported mobile products. 
  • Flexibility - Supports anywhere-anytime processing for mobile environments including card-swiped or key-entered transactions and is scalable to support an unlimited number of mobile devices for businesses of all sizes. 
  • Visibility - Delivers more than just a mobile solution, also provides capabilities of our secure hosted virtual terminal, which includes detailed records of reporting for up to 12 months of transaction activity. 
  • Simplicity - It’s efficient and cost effective, allowing you to utilize your existing mobile device to enable mobile commerce and accept most card payments. 

Contactless Payments


Integrated Near Field Communication Payments

Integrated contactless mPOS solutions perform contactless transactions via a Near Field Communication ("NFC") antenna within the mobile device. mPOS contactless solutions provide for MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave and Discover zip acceptance, and also facilitate acceptance where the consumer’s mobile device is a replacement for the payment card.

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